Local government

Otepää Rural Municipality Council is the representative body of the municipal government that is elected by the electorate of the Rural Municipality of Otepää in every four years. Otepää Rural Municipality Council has 15 members.
The work of the Municipality Council is organised by the chairman. The Municipality Council of Otepää has eight standing committees with different scopes of activity and they function as the advisory bodies for the Municipality Council.
The Head of Council - Chairman Jaanus Barkala
E-mail: Jaanus.Barkala@otepaa.ee
Otepää Rural Municipality Government
The Rural Municipality Government, which is formed by the Rural Municipality Council, is the executive body of the municipal government. 

The Head of Government - Mayor Kaido Tamberg
E-mail: Kaido.Tamberg@otepaa.ee
Rural Municipality Government
Lipuväljak 13, 67405, Otepää
phone + 372 766 4800
GSM:    +372 515 7139



POPULATION                          3962 (01.01.2016)
AREA                                        217 sq.km
SCHOOLS                                3
KINDERGARTENS                2
FIRST AID STATION              1
SPORT CENTRE                     5
CULTURE CENTRE               1

One town - Otepää and 21 villages